Understanding The Future WIth I.T. Solutions And Services

Current year: 2020 – The onset of a new era in the age of transformation.

From transcriptions using typewriters to encoding through computers; from arduously hailing a cab to booking a ride in a tap of a button on your smartphone; From plain audio phone calls to applications that allow real-time video calls — From Digitalization to Digital Transformation, mankind has gone a long way.

Our display of knowledge and progress is definitely evident in the technological advancements we currently have access to today; taking us to heights that used to be unknown — almost like piloting a space exploration, launching into space and going through several vast layers of the atmosphere, with no other direction but up.

There have been discussions, talks, and forums about The 4th Industrial Revolution, but what is it, really? And how do we adamantly prepare ourselves for this change?

Like the many other revolutions that came before it, innovation has once again brought forth faster and more convenient answers to the production and productivity problem of companies and the labor force. The 4th Industrial Revolution makes use of current technology to aid the companies and corporations in obtaining, maintaining, and even improving service quality at faster rates, through automation and Artificial Intelligence. The question is: is the world ready for the AI Filled future? We need to be.

Everything is unfolding as it should, and the global workforce needs to learn how to adapt.

Here’s a case:

The largest cloud-based EHR (Electronic Health Records) management company based in California was faced with having to create an admin management module, and integrate a notable marketing software to its system; for this, they needed to mobilize a team to carry out a solution that would extend and aid their company’s services and productivity.

They solved this challenge through collaborating with an experienced IT Solutions Company. A team of expert developers created the admin Module tailored to the client’s specifications and also integrated a notable Marketing software to its system — Only going to show that AI and Automation is not set to replace the workforce, hence it should be regarded as support, with the right use and the right tools to materialize it for this purpose.

If your company is facing a similar challenge, we’re here to help.

It’s important that you partner with an IT Solutions company that sees 2020 in 20/20 with you.

Let’s go through and thrive in this era of Digital Transformation, together!

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