Our Work
We take pride in solutions we have provided through mature methodologies and expert I.T. Services
Our Work
We take pride in solutions we have provided through mature methodologies and expert I.T. Services

Australia Software Start-up Collaborates with Innerworks to Develop Windows-based Time Recording System​

The Challenge​

Time tracking and billing for legal and accounting practitioners can be quite tedious. Instead of being productive, lawyers and accountants waste time tracking billable hours — or worse, lose out on unbilled work hours.​

Our client, a technology company based in Australia, wanted to build a solution that would make every minute count.​

As a start-up, requirements often changed and time-to-market was critical; customer wanted to work with a team that had best-in-class .NET expertise to quickly implement the solution.​

The Solution ​

Innerworks developed time recording software, implementing technologies such as C#.NET, ASP.NET, and SQL Database.​

The time recording solution makes it easy to keep track of one’s activities from multiple applications such as Microsoft Office documents, web pages and third party applications.​

The project included a web-based server application and a client program.​

The Services​

Innerworks provided the following services:​
– .NET expertise​
– business and systems analysis​
– development resources​
– integration with accounting softwares such as Xero and Saasu​

The Outcome​

Innerworks successfully implemented a lightweight solution following the set business requirements.​


Leading Construction Firm Selects Innerworks to Develop Suite of Enterprise Solutions​

The Challenge​

As a construction firm recognized for its use of advanced methods and technology, our client wanted to modernize its processes and tooling in order to create efficiencies and provide better service.​

One area that was becoming unmanageable was payroll. It would take days to collect timesheets from various construction sites. In addition, different salary models made the workload of calculating payroll even more difficult. Automation was necessary to achieve timely and effective payroll management.​

Purchasing also had to be transformed. Even an off-the-shelf software didn’t provide enough visibility for the client to understand what they’re purchasing.​

Faced with a crude, complex Excel-based reporting, client wanted to track projects better as well as gain real-time insight on projects.​

A highly experience IT Team is needed to address all of the above challenges.​

The Solution ​

Innerworks conducted extensive requirements analysis to create the following solutions:​
– human resource information system (HRIS) and payroll solution,​
– purchasing and inventory applications,​
– integrated meeting and task system, and​
– project management reporting platform​

Technologies: Microsoft .NET MVC 4​

The Services​

Innerworks provided the following services:​
– .NET expertise​
– business and systems analysis​
– overall project management​
– development resources​
– end to end testing​
– application integration services​

The Outcome​

The online HRIS and payroll solution integrated with biometric systems, enabled multiple salary rules and schedules while ensuring tax compliance. Significant savings up to a million dollars yearly was achieved with the automation of the payroll system.​

The integrated meeting and task system, which included a web and a mobile solution, made meetings easy to remember with recording, task assignments, and task notifications.​

The project management reporting platform enabled new levels of visibility into the projects.​


Innerworks Delivers Advanced Hospital and ERP System to the Largest Private Healthcare Company in MENA​

The Challenge​

Rapid business growth and evolving health care requirements demanded a re-engineering of a hospital’s legacy system. As a leader operating several JCI-accredited hospitals, our client wanted to create a robust hospital information system to improve its operations.​

Requirements for adaptability, performance, and interoperability were very high.​

Faced with disconnected workflows and isolated patient data, the client sought to build a connected, comprehensive, and interoperable hospital solution.​

Client needed a web-based hospital solution that will connect and synchronize patient data, streamline patient administration, reduce paperwork and costs, and optimize workflow across the care continuum.​

The Solution​

The project was divided into:​
– a reverse engineering of the legacy application;​
– an extensive systems analysis and design; and,​
– development of a web-based fully integrated hospital solution and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system​

Innerworks designed a scalable, standards-based system architecture for the new hospital information system. Scalability enables the system to suit the varying requirements from hospital to hospital. Standards-based architecture promotes interoperability, which is critical for facilitating data exchange.​

Integrating more than 600 modules and submodules into one web application, Innerworks reverse engineered and created a web-based solution that connected different modules for the following departments:​

– Accounting​
– Admission and discharge​
– Laboratory​
– Information Technology​
– Human Resources​
– Surgery​
– Pharmacy​
– Food and Dietetics​
– Blood Bank​

Why Innerworks ​

Client partnered with Innerworks to implement the hospital information system. Client decided that Innerworks offered the breadth and depth of services required. In addition, Innerworks provided the expertise in managing complex healthcare IT projects and experience needed in order to be successful.​

Managing a team over a twelve month period, Innerworks provided key project management, business analysis, development, and testing competencies.​

Development followed a hybrid onsite-offshore approach.​
Technologies: Microsoft .NET MVC 4, Microsoft SQL Server, DevExpress

The Business Benefits​

The primary benefit was delivery of the web-based hospital information and ERP system designed to address operational effectiveness and efficiency.​

Several key benefits of the project are:​
– Optimized patient care process from admission to discharge​
– Ease of use, easy maintenance with accurate, complete reporting​
– Comprehensive Electronic Medical Record​
– Real-time access to billing information​