Australia Software Start-up Collaborates with Innerworks to Develop Windows-based Time Recording System​

The Challenge

Time tracking and billing for legal and accounting practitioners can be quite tedious. Instead of being productive, lawyers and accountants waste time tracking billable hours — or worse, lose out on unbilled work hours.​

Our client, a technology company based in Australia, wanted to build a solution that would make every minute count.​

As a start-up, requirements often changed and time-to-market was critical; customer wanted to work with a team that had best-in-class .NET expertise to quickly implement the solution.​

The Solution

Innerworks developed time recording software, implementing technologies such as C#.NET, ASP.NET, and SQL Database.​

The time recording solution makes it easy to keep track of one’s activities from multiple applications such as Microsoft Office documents, web pages and third party applications.​

The project included a web-based server application and a client program.​

The Services​

Innerworks provided the following services:​
– .NET expertise​
– business and systems analysis​
– development resources​
– integration with accounting softwares such as Xero and Saasu​

The Outcome​

Innerworks successfully implemented a lightweight solution following the set business requirements.​