Top IT Professionals to Hire from the Philippines

In our digital day and age, technology continues to evolve and our world grows increasingly dependent on it. While it gives utmost convenience, technology affects our lifestyle so companies now ensure that their operations and systems optimize technology to stay ahead within their industry. Nowadays, many enterprises prefer to hire IT professionals so they can […]

Solving challenges in Digital Transformation through Agile Leadership

To begin, what is an “Agile Leader”? According to Forbes Coaches Council, “Agile Leaders can adapt to an ever-changing and uncertain environment. When you set out to be a continuous learner and have a growth mindset, you are always looking for ways to improve your product, your services and yourself as a manager and leader.” […]

Understanding The Future WIth I.T. Solutions And Services

Current year: 2020 – The onset of a new era in the age of transformation. From transcriptions using typewriters to encoding through computers; from arduously hailing a cab to booking a ride in a tap of a button on your smartphone; From plain audio phone calls to applications that allow real-time video calls — From […]